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The following is a list of our upcoming projects that require casting. A brief job description is offered for each project. Interested persons can follow links to our contact page to apply for each job. Feel free to ask us any questions you my have. Please allow 7-10 days for a response. Thanks for your consideration.


Albanian Political Campaign:
Global Motion Pictures was retained as a media consultant for a candidate running for the 2005 Albanian parliament. During the course of this campaign, Global Motion Pictures assisted the candidate with various media services.

In addition to this task, we filmed five separate documentaries while in Albania, on the following subjects: Touring Albania; Politics in Albania, 2005; History of Albania; Adventures of an American Filmmaker in Albania, an Autobiography; and An Artist's Dream.

In total we have over 50 hours of footage, along with more than 10,000 high quality photographs, including hard to obtain panoramic shots.

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Attention all car distributors, dealerships, repair centers and automotive enthusiasts! Global Motion Pictures specializes in automotive filming and photography. Do you have a car you wish to advertise? A day at the track you wish to capture on film? An accident you need to document? Do you need before and after footage of repairs or improvements you've made to a vehicle?

Global's experienced crew will provide outstanding service for the most competitive price you're likely to find. Please remember that we will travel anywhere in the globe to assist you!

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Through our travels around the globe, we've come across many breathtaking types of scenery. We have accumulated a great deal of footage, including very high resolution panoramic photos and fascinating time lapse shots. Please contact us if you need specific types of stock footage, including sun and moon rises and sets over the ocean or city, cloud formations, city escapes, water falls, freeways, and more.

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Santa Barbara Documentary:
We will begin casting for a host or hostess to nararate our documentary on Santa Barbara , California , USA . Must be outgoing, photogenic, and fun. This documentary will be edited in multiple languages for international distribution. Multi-lingual personnel preferred. Please contact casting@GlobalMotionPictures.com for more information

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Hosts Of Paradise
We're working on pilot for a TV series named “Hosts of Paradise.” This show will feature two celebrities acting as judges of a fast paced set of whacky competitions between 5 male and 5 female participants who will compete to win a contract to co-host a documentary on all the fun and excitement a world-renowned resort has to offer. The winning male and female co-hosts who overcome most adversities and develop the most amount of chemistry will win a large cash prize and a contract to travel to a top travel destination and be the hosts of the show. Intense drama is sure to arise between 10 sexy competitors living together and competing with each other over a chance to win a large cash prize and the trip of a lifetime!


S. American ( Brazil ) Adventure:
This project is scheduled for production from 12/20/04 to 1/5/05. In this project, two female friends travel to various locations in Brazil for two weeks of fun & excitement! They soon find that their fluency in Spanish is not enough to get them by in this Portuguese speaking country, so they hire a translator to show them around. This is a “scripted documentary,” requiring the talents to be able to recite lines in three languages. Talents must be able to work with others under stressful and somewhat unpredictable situations. One of the two talents must speak at least English and Spanish, and both must either speak Portuguese or be able to learn basics on location. Casting is scheduled to take place 11/2/04 to 11/5/04.


Secure Jewelers Commercial:
An on-line jewelry business is seeking four female and two male talents ages 18 and over to appear in cable TV commercials. Only one of the six talents (female) will have a speaking role. Commercial will air in the Tri-County area. Casting will be held 9/6/04 to 9/10/04.

  Music Videos:
Global Motion Pictures specializes in music videos! Male and female extras of all ethnic backgrounds aged 18 and over who can dance well are in constant demand. You're welcome to keep your resume on file with us so we can present it to our clients.

San Pedro Skatepark Association:
Global is working on a community based non-profit project documenting the creation of a skatepark in the city of San Pedro , California . Good skaters—especially female ones—are being sought to skate in the location and/or agree to be interviewed. Musicians—especially Punk Rockers—are being sought to provide the music and/or participate in benefit concerts.