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Individualized services: Every project requires different amounts of time, and prices depend on the level of complexity. Please contact us with a detailed description of your project to obtain a price quote.

Type of Service

Description of Service


Experienced camera persons and assistants equipped with TV-broadcast quality video equipment will video tape your event. Please note: prices for film equipment and high definition (HD) are different!




Experienced editors using professional-grade video editing software will edit the footage according to your taste.




Re-mastering audio with enhancements, and conversion into digital surround sound.



Graphic design

We offer a wide array of graphic design services and computer generated graphics (CG), customized for your project.



VHS to DVD with enhancements

Convert your old VHS and video camera footage to DVD with chapters and Dolby Digital Surround ™ and/or DTS. ™



Custom “slide-show” presentations

We combine your favorite pictures/footage and music to create a pre/post show presentation that can be digitally projected.



Still photography

Experienced and friendly photographers equipped with professional equipment will set up beautiful poses and photograph your event. We offer very reasonable prices for your prints, and with our internet packages, we make it fast and convenient for your guests to order their own photos in the sizes and quantities of their choosing.



Internet package

The one-time set up fee will include your domain registration, web design and web hosting for three months. Unlimited FREE downloads for your guests. Our internet package makes it possible for your guests to order their own photos in the sizes and quantities of their choosing, from any location. We can also help you setup your own business and e-commerce site with the personal attention you deserve.



Ordering prints

Sizes are indicated in inches. $2 for 4X6, $5 for 5X7, $10 for 8X10, $15 for 12X18, $40 for 20X30. Costs do not include shipping ! Shipping rates vary.



Cost of travel

Global Motion Pictures will travel anywhere in the world to assist you! You can hire our experienced personnel to follow you on a trip around the world to document your experiences if you wish!



Marketing & distribution

We work with a variety of influential people and companies in the industry who specialize in marketing and distribution. Additionally, we can help you self-distribute your own products effectively. Please contact us for farther information.